Monday, September 15, 2014

October Memories

An autumn walk in Portland. Watercolor on arches, 11x16 in.


  1. Beautiful paintings. Glad to know that being a Software Engineer by profession you are getting fascination about arts and paintings. Just now i watched your paintings and they are beautiful. You have great artistic talent. It is a God's gift to you.I wish you success and i hope you are reaching many more heights in your passion and in your career.

    Being a versatile and talented artist by yourself from my side a small request and suggestion to you. Like these autumn and other paintings some times please focus on drawing several themes relating to Indian Heritage and Culture i.e. Indian monuments, Indian temples, Indian dances, Indian customs/traditions and other themes and also sometimes please try madhubani, kalamkari, warli, keral mural etc. folk paintings themes of India because now-a-days people forget about our glorious heritage. Hence atleast some artistic talented people like you take some initiative to preserve our age old arts in their own artistic way.

    As you are now being a Software Engineer in US in your leisure time if possible please draw some paintings related to themes which i mentioned above and sharing and exhibited them through your blog and also to other people in USA then people of other countries recognize the importance and significance of the glorious tangible and intangible heritage of our Incredible India.

    Being a software professional i know you have very free limited and leisure time but whenever possible please focus sometime to draw paintings related to Indian Heritage and Culture and share them in US. I hope you understand what i am mentioned. But this is my suggestion only.

    Recently i am presented my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture to young children. In this seminar i am sharing my paintings and other collections relating to Indian Heritage and explaining children about various aspects of our Heritage and Culture through my collections. Children are eagerly participated in my seminar and they clarified their doubts about our glorious heritage.

    Please look into my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage post and share your valuable and inspirational comment for the same.

    I hope you like my blog and join as a member to my blog.

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