Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ferry Bldg, San Francisco

A couple of weeks back, I tried painting en plein air (for the first time) .. This was a 3 day workshop and it was quite an experience :-) The paintings I did on site were complete disasters (I can't bear to look at them) but it was the most awesome learning experience. Since I am so used to painting from photos, it is relatively easier to resolve the painting that way - but outside, I was overwhelmed with everything I saw. Everything was changing so rapidly, my pigments were always dry, I couldn't judge the values and I was way too clumsy with my setup .. (but one has to start somewhere, right?!). I got back and redid one of the paintings at the ferry building. I tried to keep in the mind the earlier mistakes that I made, and of course made some new ones .. but here it is anyway.

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