Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The village

A village scene from western India.  I don't know if the figures in the middle are distracting or confusing .. would it look better without them? Also the closest roof doesn;t look quite right. I might make a few changes to this one..

The Village

This is a smaller sketch of flowers I did a while ago. As much as I like flowers, I must confess that I am not super excited by the thought of painting them. They are so perfect + I find it a lot harder to simplify the petals and the leaves and the beautiful details :) This one was a bit encouraging though, & hopefully some day I will not be as intimidated by flowers! Btw, these are plumeria or 'chafa' - so very reminiscent of home.

The remaining three


  1. I think the first painting of the village is wonderful with beautiful colors. In my opinion I think the figures are good but maybe you could make the girls less detailed. Paint them like the man on the left so that the entire painting is noticed rather than the figures.
    The flowers are beautiful too.. I was intimated by flowers too but after painting some I find myself comfortable doing only them. funny..

    1. Hi Subi,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and the comments :) Yeah, you are right - the eye does go directly to the figures - they should probably be softened. I was hoping to draw the eye into the painting using the figures but it didn't quite work out - flowers and street scenes, practice is the key :)