Friday, February 28, 2014


A little sketch based on a photo that I took while visiting a friend back in India- our kids were having a fun time enjoying some snacks on an indoor swing. This swing brings back fond memories of my own childhood. My grandmom had one such at her place & I have spent hours on it playing, daydreaming :) , actually, even drawing.

('Tai-Dada', literally translated is 'sister-brother' in my mother tongue.)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Lake

I was recently visiting Goa, and while driving, we came across this large lake - it was rather swampy, muddy, murky. But it seemed to be home to hundreds of floating white and purple and pink flowers. There is something very restful and soulful in seeing lotus flowers in the wild, natural setting - perhaps my first time in recent memory. Anyway, here is an attempt to paint the lake based on the few photos I took.

I thought my previous attempt lacked some darks in the water, so I painted another one. It turned out different from what I intended   -a bit cooler, midnight-moonlightish,  and a lot more messy :)