Sunday, December 29, 2013

Across the street

This is a picture of the house literally across the street from mine. I like how beautiful it looks especially with the holiday lights that come up every evening. I wanted to capture the warm glow of the lights against the cold wintry surroundings but I am not as happy with it. It still feels unfinished (especially the right side), perhaps the darks were not dark enough? or maybe the composition wasn't as interesting..

Anyways, hope you all are enjoying your holidays .. I'll try to come up with a better one to wish you all a happy new year, its just around the corner :) Until then, Happy holidays everyone !

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Waterfront Park, Portland

More from the Portland series - the waterfront area in portland is truly beautiful. Tried to paint this scene of an autumn evening in the park by the lovely fountain.

By the way, I stumbled into this beautiful, inspirational poem : Hope you all like it too!

The Park Bench
Poet: Unkown

Beneath the long, straggly branches of an old willow tree.
Disillusioned by life with good reason to frown,
For the world was intent on dragging me down.

And if that weren’t enough to ruin my day,
A young boy out of breath approached me, all tired from play.
He stood right before me with his head tilted down
And said with great excitement, “Look what I found!”

In his hand was a flower, and what a pitiful sight,
With its petals all worn – not enough rain, or too little light.
Wanting him to take his dead flower and go off to play,
I faked a smile and then shifted away.
But instead of retreating he sat next to my side
And placed the flower to his nose and declared with overacted surprise,
“It sure smells pretty and it’s beautiful too.
That’s why I picked it; here, it’s for you.”
The weed before me was dying or dead.
Not vibrant of colors: orange, yellow or red.
But I knew I must take it, or he might never leave.
So I reached for the flower, and replied, “Just what I need.”
But instead of him placing the flower in my hand,
He held it mid-air without reason or plan.
It was then that I noticed for the first time
That weed-toting boy could not see he was blind.

I heard my voice quiver; tears shone in the sun
As I thanked him for picking the very best one.
“You’re welcome,” he smiled, and then ran off to play,
Unaware of the impact he’d had on my day.
I sat there and wondered how he managed to see
A self-pitying woman beneath an old willow tree.
How did he know of my self-indulged plight?
Perhaps from his heart, he’d been blessed with true sight.

Through the eyes of a blind child, at last I could see
The problem was not with the world; the problem was me.
And for all of those times I myself had been blind,
I vowed to see the beauty in life, and appreciate every second that’s mine.
And then I held that wilted flower up to my nose
And breathed in the fragrance of a beautiful rose
And smiled as I watched that young boy, another weed in hand,
About to change the life of an unsuspecting old man.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


This painting brings back a lot of old memories. The structure is called Kimaya, its a popular place in my junior college where all the college  students hang out, have fun - in between, and often, during classes :-) Good ol' times,  like they say :-) 

Friday, November 8, 2013

By the creek

I took the original photo during on a touristy boat tour in dubai. The buildings in the older looking part of the city looked fascinating in the sunlight - I wanted to walk around and take lots of pictures but with a thoroughly jet-lagged 3year old in tow and all, had to make do with this - Maybe another time :-)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

At the harbor

I painted this for the H20 challenge on the DPW site. This is my first time posting to a challenge, had fun painting it!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Waterfront, Portland

It was a beautiful evening. There were no dazzling sunsets or breath-taking vistas or anything like that, but the scene was perfect in its simplicity. Was a challenging mood to capture considering all the figures have their back to the viewer and they seem to be staring at nothing particularly interesting :) lol..

On the technical side, I am back to blogging after a long break, (yey, at last I am back!) and struggling with my camera settings and such .. the colors in the photo are different from the original painting, so I need to figure out something soon.

By the way, only after I finished the whole painting, I noticed how the figures along the railing are symmetrically placed around the center of the painting. It bothers me (and I am a little annoyed  that I missed it), but not quite sure how to fix it. Critique/comments always welcome, would love to hear from you!