Friday, May 18, 2012

Dawn in Seville

Watercolor, 12"x16"

This is from a photograph I took in Seville. It was just before daybreak & it had rained . I was up early, my stomach growling, all set to eat a churro breakfast :D Unfortunately, all of Seville was still asleep. Not knowing what to do, we went up to the terrace of our hotel building and took some pictures.... The alley was mostly covered in shadows except for the reflecting street lights and the occasional passerby. I loved the mood, a quiet anticipation of the day that lay ahead .. always wanted to paint it..

This painting was a huge challenge - I think it turned out too busy, not clean . It's hard to separate the buildings from the street. Maybe I should tone down the lights? I would love to hear any suggestions on how I might make it better ...

Happy painting everyone!!


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  2. Your artwork is beautiful. If you are open to it, please look at our website We have a monthly magazine featuring female artists from across the globe. I'd love to have you featured in it as well. L Marelli, Editor, Women in Art 278