Monday, July 11, 2011

Amsterdam, after sunset

 It was winter evening, and the painting does have a dark, heavy mood to it- However, there is still something missing & I am not sure what it is. Maybe I should show some light in the windows & entrances?! And something about the water too..

I tried painting it a second time, wanted to add more texture to the water, added some more warmer colors, but messed it up. I think the first attempt was better :)


  1. Both are lovely paintings. I think I like the buildings in teh second and the water in the first. Great depth of colour in the water!
    Were these painted en plein air?

  2. Thanks vinayak .. These were painted from a photo I had taken few years back. I have a few photos of these beautiful buildings along the canals, but I struggle trying to get the perspective right in the sketch :)

  3. Anu, Water color strocks is good.Try more..