Sunday, June 5, 2011


A portrait -study of my 7 month old son ! I had lot of fun painting it, trying to capture the joy & playfulness in his expression . And yeah, his hair is realllyyy that wild, if not more :))

Btw, the background in the painting is left white, I was thinking of adding some color to enhance the light on the left, but then just left it alone . My husband took a bunch of really cute pics of the baby, think I will try some more :)


  1. Awesome work Anu :) Loved it to every pixel :D Looking forward to seeing many more such colored canvasses :)

  2. Hey thanks Surbhi !! Lets hope there will be a few more :)

  3. Nothing like painting your own baby, the experience can be very enriching Anu, I liked what you have created! I loved the way you recreated Pier as well, in you last post.

  4. This is lovely work Anu, certainly conveys the playful mood you are after.
    I have changed my blog to . My old blog address is being used by someone else and it is appearing as VINAYAK DESHMUKH ART in everyone's bloglist which is not correct. Please make the necessary changes.