Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sketching in San Francisco

I spent most of my day roaming in San Francisco today. I love going to SF this time of the year- The hoilday lights & decorations, families shopping for gifts, ice rinks and kids ... its all very festive :-) I thought it might be a good idea to sketch .. for the first time ever, I took my pen, a sketchbook and sat down on the road. I have been following urban sketchers for a while & I love it .. but I never thought it would be so much fun. I did feel a little conscious initially, but soon got involved in my task and forgot all about the inhibitions . It's such a different experience - to be part of the moment, part of the scene while you draw it . It can never be obtained from painting from a reference photograph - especially if someone else has taken it, even if it is the exact same location. Below are some of my sketches -

Union Square, right opposite Macy's .

SF & Cable cars .. this big round thing is a wooden platform that rotates, and as it does so, it reverses the direction of the cable car. Fun to watch !

A group of ladies singing christmas carols ..

An interection on Market.. I used the artisitic license to chop off some of the buildings :P ..

There was this beautiful building in chinatown .. would surely like to paint this one sometime. I wanted to put in the row of red lanterns somewhere desperately.. maybe another time :-)

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