Friday, November 20, 2009

On the way

I painted this one from a photograph I had taken on our recent Yosemite trip. On our way to the Tioga pass, we stopped at this scenic spot with the blue mountains and shadows in the foreground against the perfect late afternoon sun..

We just had our last painting class with Ferenc Besze for this quarter. I really like his painting style - just indicative , no details yet so complete. His demos are fantastic and all the people in the class are fun too - lot of interesting art work goes on ... At the end of every quarter, we usually have a critique and this painting was chosen as one of the better ones .. And for that, Ferenc gave me a painting that he himself made .. Wow ! I know I have sooo much to work on and improve but this is the beginning and it makes me really happy :-) and makes me want to paint more....

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